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Light Alloy 4.10.2

A highly configurable feature-rich media player with streaming support
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Light Alloy is a highly configurable feature-rich media player. Still, it has little impact on system resources. It supports practically all media formats. In this respect, it is good news that it comes with its own built-in codecs. However, you can use your system codecs instead should you want to. As most other players, this one also allows playing streaming contents, and fortunately, you can create a list of your favorite Internet radio stations. It has a nice interface, but it seems to me it is too crowded with functions. Fortunately, it allows using your mouse to adjust volume and picture parameters, which simplifies its usage a lot.

This player supports setting a custom playback speed, loading subtitles and using filters. It also lets you take a screenshot of your favorite frames, which you can save in a file or directly to the clipboard. Like other players, it allows you to preview the contents of the frames as you move your mouse over the timeline. One thing that helps you customize your playback experience is the possibility of programming events that trigger specific actions. In this regard, it can remember the last position in a file, and start at the same frame. In general, the quality of the picture is great, but you can tweak brightness, contrast, and saturation to your likes. In fact, you can even save specific settings for each of the files.

The quality of the audio output is also great. Moreover, it supports sound amplification, normalization, audio shift, equalization, among other things. I liked the possibility of increasing the volume up to 200%, which comes in handy for files with audio problems.

All in all, the main advantages of Light Alloy are derived from the multiplicity of features, which are more than most users need. I really recommend you to give a try, and it is quite possible you find something you like that I did not mention here.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface
  • Highly configurable
  • Excellent picture and audio quality
  • Support of multiple media formats
  • Independent settings for each file
  • Built-in codecs
  • Low resource usage


  • Interface is crammed with options
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